Happy Mother’s Day 2013, To celebrate for all mother we are opening this sunday  May 12 2013 with the following promotion Saturday May 11 2013 and Sunday May 12 2013   Promotion Event  15% Off Regular price  * 10$ Kid watch 15$ Ladies watch (Normal 25$ to 30$) 20$ man watch (Normal 25$ to 45$ )

Mother’s Day Event – Open Sunday

Basic and simple instructional video that i found in YouTube that can teach you How To Check If Your Diamond Is A Fake , However you have to remember this is not 100% accurate you may need to use diamonds testing device that run you around 100$ or more for most accurate or have professional gemologists to do the test. But this should give you somewhat idea of how close it is to real thing.Some man made diamonds that most of test fail to identify it and it is show exactly like real one.

How To Check If Your Diamond Is A Fake

We have color and style woman and kid watch on sale for 10$ each. Kid Watch cartoon and color Lady watch color Our new stock on 4-22-2013 of man and woman watch of hot products. We manage to get a few for our store when this style sale so fast that our supplier hardly keep them stock, come and get it while supply last. See store for detail.

Watch on Sales

We just have a new arrival of silver earing , ring ( man and woman ) , engagement set, hoop earring , earring, necklace and pendants. Also we have new watch for man, woman and kids. I will update with picture to our gallery as soon as i can get it done. They all really pretty and cute.

New silver ring, earring and watch just arrived