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Diamonds Jewelry Holiday Promotion Sales 2014 – 2015

Just some update of what gold and silver standing right now, as we approach the end of the year 2014 since last year mega drop it seems not looking good at recovery but will be good chance for investment. At 1287.00$ an ounce for 24k gold and just 19.42$ an ounce for silver you can stack some coin or bar and hide somewhere safe for future need. @DiamondsJewelry @BuyGold @SaleGold, we provide highest loan value in gold,silver coin or bar because we know this have stable market value !!!

Gold Price Sep 01 2014

Another video clip from ” How it’s Made “. That show you what it takes to make 10K 14k or 18K gold chain from pure 24k Gold. This is mask production video, there is some jewelry out there that make a gold chain by hand 1 chain a time the difference between mass production and handmade can be easy tell because handmade is not uniform at all. Some part of a chain is bigger or smaller heavier or lighter.   Enjoy the video, all video credit to the creator.    

How it’s made Gold Chain

This is another video clip from ” How it made ” TV Program. just to give you idea how gold ring is made. It is not simple but not hard if you know how, isn’t it ?

This is How It’s Made Gold Rings

Gold has always fascinated people, due to its scarcity but also foursome other characteristics, such as that it never oxidizes. Below you will find some less well-known facts about gold.   Atomic Number: 79 Atomic Symbol: Au Atomic Weight: 196.966569 Melting Point: 1,947.5 F (1,064.1 C) Boiling Point: 5,173 F (2,856 C) Word origin: The term gold has been used to describe the metal in several Germanic languages. The symbol Au comes from the Latin word aurum. Discovery: Gold has been in use as a highly valued metal since the first civilizations began.     Other Gold Facts related : […]

Gold Facts

This year holiday promotion sale for 2013 to new year 2014. We will have the following discount from today until Feb 28 2014, 20% Off Gold Necklaces 25% Off Gold Bracelet , Diamonds Bracelet 10% to 50% Off Gold Ring, Diamonds Rings .. Many more sale in store ..   Come to see me ” Lee ” for detail on our 5 months lay-ways with our sales promotion. Do not forget that Valentine is coming, some of our hot items sale out fast. Make sure you get them in layaway before it sold out. Note: all sale promotion exclude items already […]

Holiday Promotion Sales 2013-2014

Labor Day is Monday, September 2. These are some current sales that are going on during Labor Day Weekend, everything in our store will take 15% off none on sale items and 5% addition off to on sale items. Simple and Easy just mention code ” LABOR15 ” when make purchases in our store to receive this discount. Mention ” LABOR5 ” will receive additional 5% more cash for your gold , platinum, silver and other value scrap metal that sale to our store. We are open normal our on Labor Day.

What is a Chocolate Diamonds anyway ? The Diamonds are definitely real. The term “Chocolate Diamond” is simply a marketing phrase coined by the jewelry manufacturer Le Vian. The color of the diamonds darkens due to pressure of the earth on the diamonds when they are underground. Chocolate diamonds are another type of brown, or cognac colored diamond. It just one of variety of shades of brown color diamonds. There are natural brown diamonds, and there are those that have been color treated. Natural colored diamonds are always going to be more expensive than those that have been color treated. […]

Chocolate Diamonds

Diamonds Jewelry offer free gold jewelry** cleaning to all our customer to end of this 2013. We will clean your gold jewelry** in our ultrasonic cleaning machine with our top of the line solution that make it look like new, bring the shine back to your jewelry. Just come to our store and mention you are this offer in our website   We have our jewelry and silver cleaning solution for sale  that you can do at your home less than a minute !!!   ** Plan jewelry that does not have diamonds or stone !!! Note: We reserve our right […]

Promotion Free Jewelry Cleaning

Identify valuable metal can be simple as 1 2 3 but will need a lot practice to spot it right on, but never 100% sure unless do detail testing. This information that I wrote about this blog is not intent for expert or advance technique to identify valuable metal , this just basic fast idea to find the potential valuable metal such as gold , silver and platinum. They may or may not as what the marking say so future and detail testing will need. Some of information you may already know.

Basic knowledge to identify valuable metal

As yesterday and today ( 4-12-2013 ) gold price drop to low 1477$ per ounce. We got a lot customer that come ask to buy gold coin and gold bar.  As now we are out of stock of our gold coin and bar. There is no time show that when we will be able to restock those due to high demand and a lot private holding of gold.

gold price drop – gold coin and bar out of ...

Chain necklace and herringbone necklace, variable in yellow and white gold ( see store for detail of variability )


Pendants Collection at Diamonds Jewelry Memphis. We have more choice than any store when come to oriental design.   Turtle pendant and Flower pendant made with gold , diamonds and sapphire.


This princess design is 10K Yellow Gold with 0.48 carat total weight diamonds. The Yellow Gold of this ring sold today 3-20-2013 After i post. However we still got same style and design in White Gold.

Engagement Ring Princess Cut Design