I happen to watch new from DNews on YouTube that talking about ” The Truth About Diamonds “. This is more like science fact since it talk about how diamonds form and put to market.

The Truth About Diamonds

Basic and simple instructional video that i found in YouTube that can teach you How To Check If Your Diamond Is A Fake , However you have to remember this is not 100% accurate you may need to use diamonds testing device that run you around 100$ or more for most accurate or have professional gemologists to do the test. But this should give you somewhat idea of how close it is to real thing.Some man made diamonds that most of test fail to identify it and it is show exactly like real one.

How To Check If Your Diamond Is A Fake

Pendants Collection at Diamonds Jewelry Memphis. We have more choice than any store when come to oriental design.   Turtle pendant and Flower pendant made with gold , diamonds and sapphire.


This Diamonds Jewelry Bracelet Collection were made with 14K 18K Yellow Gold set with brilliant diamonds you have to see.

Bracelet Collection

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