Chocolate Diamonds

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Do you know what is a white diamonds?

White diamonds is actually colorless diamonds. You often hear word white diamonds , yellow diamonds , chocolate diamonds and a few rare color such as blue and pink diamonds the compositorial that form this diamonds that is what give the diamonds color. White Diamonds or Colorless is formed when nothing else or minor trace of other elements mix with it. In general, diamonds color rate from D to Z except for a few rare one that goes off the general rating.  Click Here for GIA explain above diamonds color


Chocolate Diamonds

What is a Chocolate Diamonds anyway ? The Diamonds are definitely real. The term “Chocolate Diamond” is simply a marketing phrase coined by the jewelry manufacturer Le Vian. The color of the diamonds darkens due to pressure of the earth on the diamonds when they are underground. Chocolate diamonds are another type of brown, or cognac colored diamond. It just one of variety of shades of brown color diamonds. There are natural brown diamonds, and there are those that have been color treated. Natural colored diamonds are always going to be more expensive than those that have been color treated. […]