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According to WJS (wall street journal ) gold prices climbed on Thursday , helped by some unknown reason and weak trade from China. The precious metal market gets some support from minutes from the September meeting of U.S. Federal Reserve that policy maker split over the next rate increase.   SO this is a good time to sell your stock or just hold on to it or maybe buy more? The current market still not stable to make well predicts what will happen. A weaker us dollar helped boost the gold price on Thursday. WSJ dollar index shows that dollar down […]

Gold Price Climbs on Weak Chinese Market

Identify valuable metal can be simple as 1 2 3 but will need a lot practice to spot it right on, but never 100% sure unless do detail testing. This information that I wrote about this blog is not intent for expert or advance technique to identify valuable metal , this just basic fast idea to find the potential valuable metal such as gold , silver and platinum. They may or may not as what the marking say so future and detail testing will need. Some of information you may already know.

Basic knowledge to identify valuable metal

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