Here as promised, This is our new arrival of our man and woman ring, engagement ring, set ring, duo ring. They sold out really fast make sure you come and get yours.

New Sterling Silver Ring

We just have a new arrival of silver earing , ring ( man and woman ) , engagement set, hoop earring , earring, necklace and pendants. Also we have new watch for man, woman and kids. I will update with picture to our gallery as soon as i can get it done. They all really pretty and cute.

New silver ring, earring and watch just arrived

Diamonds Jewelry is one of a few store in Memphis that would buy silver. We will pay the competitive price of your silver items ( in any condition ) such as : Silver Flatware¬†( fork, spoon, knife , plate, bowl … ) Silver Coin Silver Jewelry in any condition Anything that have silver content .. Our process is simple and easy we will test to see if it is silver and how much silver may have in it. After we done testing we will let you know how much you get for it. Our pay rate is base on the […]

Buy Sterling Silver 925