Memphis Gold Buyer

Diamonds Jewelry (Memphis Gold Buyer) is retail jewelry store that would buy your scrap gold, silver and platinum and pay same day in cash. So you do not have to wait for your check to clear. Our professional gold buying service will assure that you get the most respect and return for your valuables you bring to us.

It is important to bring your valuable jewelry to a trusted dealer like us Diamonds Jewelry trusted Gold Buyer in Memphis. So you know that you get max value out of it and would not get ripped off by the unknown buyer or some store that does not specialize in gold, silver platinum and other precious metals. We are licensed for FULL Jewelry service. You know that you will get the best value from us for your items.

Our professionally trained brokers will authenticate your jewelry and we will ask for your permission to test your item before we begin the process. This includes a visual inspection using a jeweler’s loupe, weighing the items and inspecting. We are utilizing a rub test along with jeweler acid to measure a quality of your jewelry or scrap so we can provide the best offer possible. This test does not damage your jewelry.

You can always bring to us ( Diamonds Jewelry ) all the scrap jewelry we do the sorting and testing for you for free. Once we were done we will offer the price in cash. If you are agreed to sell the process may take around 5 minutes or less to finish. So you can in and out, that what makes us Best Memphis Gold Buyer.

We accept and valid state or government-issued photo identification to process the buy and buy back this typically takes about 1 to 5 minutes. We pay out in cash so no hassles to cash them later on.

Why keep your scrap jewelry in the box for nothing when you know you can get some cash out of it to help you when you need? or use it to get something nicer for yourself or family. Or you use to trade for new style jewelry?

We accept old jewelry, scrap jewelry for trade in as well. Use it for down payment for layaway. or you can buy it back ( See our buyback process ).

Come and see us at Diamonds Jewelry Store Best Memphis Gold Buyer with your valuable items you will not be disappointed.

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