Buy Back Program

Our vault, professional and discreet buy back service will assure that receive the most respect and return for your valuables you bring to us and stay safe with us until you buy it back.

When you are using jewelry as your collateral for emergency cash we will use all the research tools we have at our disposal to accurately determine the value of your item and make sure we are able to offer you the best price possible.

Our professionally trained brokers will authenticate your jewelry and we will ask for your permission to test your item before we begin the process. This include a visual inspection using a jeweler’s loop, weighing the items and inspecting.

We also testing the karate of the gold utilizing a rub test along with jeweler acid, this process does not damage your jewelry and is performed to make sure we are able to offer you the most for your valuables.

Our buy and buy back process is done in a safe, discreet and professional environment and we always pa based on daily market values, because of this your jewelry value may change each time you come to sale to us however the buy back value will not change at all it base on your sale value, event if gold value double it self in 30 days we still sale you back at the price we agree on the day you sale.

We accept and valid state or government issued photo identification to process the buy and buy back this typically takes about 1 to 5 minutes. We pay out in cash so no hassles to cash them later on.

diamond jewelry summer avenue Memphis Tennessee
diamond jewelry summer avenue Memphis Tennessee

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