From Jone’s Family After Valentine

Dear Diamonds Jewelry family,
Jessica and I wanted to thank you for the amazing ring you made for us just in time for valentine’s day. I had planned this engagement announcement for months. I wanted everything perfect and you guys totally pulled it off for me. While we had wonderful valentines dinner under moon light I added the “Will you marry me?”. When Jessica answered “YES!” our whole table erupted with cheers and clapping. It was a picture-perfect event and I really appreciate the work that you guys did in getting me the ring in time.

I know I was a little difficult, but you really help me make the decisions easier. It is true as breathtaking in reality as the picture portraits. Jessica kept looking at the ring and was amazed at how bright and sparkly it was. There would have been no way I would’ve had afforded such in the ring from a retail store and thank you, folks, for making such a beautiful piece affordable.


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