Jessica and Family Testimony

Let me first start off by saying that my fiancé and I are skeptics. We were both very reluctant to order such an expensive item, such as our engagement ring, off the internet.

I remember the first time we contacted Diamonds Jewelry on the phone and spoke to Lee. I asked him all kinds of questions… “How many people work for you?” “Who do you supply to?” “How can you afford to have such low prices?” I also looked up Diamonds Jewelry on the Better Business Bureau to make sure they didn’t have any customer complaints. I didn’t find anything. Furthermore, I emailed one of the women that submitted a testimonial to see if what she said was true. She emailed me back encouraging me to order and convincing me that it is all true. We were dawned to Diamonds Jewelry because of the choice and prices.

There is no way I would have found as many unique rings locally as I found on Diamonds Jewelry’s homepage. When we received our ring, I was stunned. It was gorgeous. We ordered a platinum band with a center princess cut stone and 12 channel set diamonds in the band. Lee contacted us just before we received it and told us that he upgraded the center stone to a certified diamond because he was out of the stone that typically sets in the band.

We had it appraised immediately and found that we paid $2400 less than it would retail for. I was very satisfied with Lee’s service and knowledge. I get so many compliments daily about my ring. Everyone stares at it in awe of the setting, clarity, and beauty of it. It is the ring of my dreams. I feel like I am wearing a secret a beautiful ring that we got at a great price! Even the other retailers couldn’t believe that I purchased my ring for the price we did they were stunned. We are also going to purchase our wedding bands from Diamonds Jewelry. Lee is going to specially design mine to match my engagement ring.

I would recommend everyone to Diamonds Jewelry. There is absolutely no reason why people are purchasing jewelry from other retailers when you can find a better selection, service, and quality at Diamonds Jewelry.

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