We Buy and Sale Diamond

At Diamonds Jewelry, we buy the diamond in all form such as loose diamond as well as diamonds in jewelry. We pay base on all factor of diamonds itself-such as weight , clarity , color , cut , shape and size. If diamond still in jewelry we have to factor how salvageable the diamonds is. We count all of that factor and a current market price we will quote the price for you and buy your diamonds same day with cash. Price can change day to day based.

Diamonds Cut can be the factor a lot in term of price, the good cute can make it value go higher than bad cut. Old diamond cut refers as European cut would not bring much shine to diamond so it needs to be re-cut to be able to sell in the current market.
The cut of diamond determines it is brilliance, in simple term better a diamond is cut, the more sparkle it will have and the higher price it can sell
Diamonds Shape, Some shape of the diamond is more desire than other, that will determine the price of the diamond itself. Also, shape is the factor when come to salvage it from jewelry some easier to get it out than other. The shape is described a diamond’s form if a lot of people want it more price we give when to buy the diamond.
Diamonds Color does matter when coming to Diamond. A diamond’s color grade is referred to the lack of color in the diamond. Simple term white diamond is mean no color or little color that will get higher quality grades than those with visible color.
Also, come to factor about color and price is the rare of those color and common color.
Diamond Weight, When come to weight size does matter. The bigger it is the heavier it is the more money you can get. Carat is specifically a measure of a diamond’s weight and not same as Karat gold. One is measure weight one talking about purity of gold.
You have to remember that the smaller the diamonds the harder to salvage out of jewelry and they do not have much weight.
Diamond Clarity,  All Diamonds have tiny imperfections in them. The lesser they are the higher quality the diamonds is that turn to be a high diamond price. There is a lot grade for this area each one will set your diamond in a somewhat price range.
Diamonds Certification The last pat is the certification of your diamond, This is like the title of your diamond. This will help us a lot for buying process and determines the price. But does not mean it is worth more than diamonds without certification.

We buy diamond base on all of that factor to give the best value for your diamond. Come and see us you will not disappointed. Yes, we buy the diamond in any form, size, color.

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