The Blockchain Community is Changing the World

We have all heard about the radical innovation of blockchain technology where organizations from the U.S. Department of Defense, to IBM, to Walmart are all actively working with it. The blockchain is truly revolutionary and, according to U.S. Congressman Tom Emmer of Minnesota, is “amazing new technology.” What we forget, however, is that it is the people behind the technology that are making it great. In fact, I would argue it is the Blockchain Community that is changing the world, not just the blockchain.

What is Different about the Blockchain Community?

A community is a group of people bonded together by something in common. It could be proximity, purpose, race, religion, or just about anything that will draw people to unified action time and time again. So what separates one community from the next? In order to define a community of people, you have to start by documenting how they are unique. There are several unique characteristics worth exploring in the Blockchain Community.

First on my list is diversity. The Blockchain Community crosses every type of traditional cultural boundary. Within the community, you will find people of all races, religions, education level, income level, nationality, gender, and political agenda. It is highly unusual that anything good cuts across the whole world like the blockchain does. Often times only tragedy will bring diverse groups of people together to act or feel as one. But here we have an example where something beneficial is what is drawing people together, from everywhere. Thus, the Blockchain Community is one of the most diverse communities that I have ever seen.

Second on my list innovation. At times, I feel proud of the Blockchain Community knowing the developers are off working on solving scaling or building new ways to use Smart Contracts. As more and more people discover the wonders of the blockchain, I enjoy watching the impact of the community’s innovation spreading. If anyone thinks they know what the limits of this community are, stick around for a few more months and watch them surprise you.

Third on my list is forethought. More than solving the clear problems of tomorrow, which we all know they will, the Blockchain Community is constantly thinking, talking, and planning for what is coming in six months, two years, or even ten years when considering quantum computing. For any group to survive and thrive, some of the members have to be fixing the problems of today and some have to be thinking about the problems of tomorrow. My sense is that the Blockchain Community has more forward thinkers than it has people trying to solve the problems of today. Sometimes I think the community needs a bit more balance but if it were going to be focused on just one side, forethought is the right choice.

These are just a handful of my observations about the fascinating Blockchain Community. I look forward to continuing to studying the people involved in cryptocurrency for many years to come. If you have thoughts about the Blockchain Community, feel free to reach to me.

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Source: The Blockchain Community is Changing the World

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