Start Your Early Holiday Planning Now

Is this month feeling a little slower for you? If you have some down time, take advantage of it. Start looking at your holiday calendar and planning your campaigns for November and December. Yep, I said it! Start planning for your holiday season, because Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Free Shipping Day and all those major holidays will be here before you know it!

If you don’t know where to start, check out these quick tips. They’ll give you the confidence to tackle the holiday season.

  • Look at your metrics from last holiday season

You want to determine what campaigns performed well for you and what you want to repeat. But you also want to identify which ones you’ll need to do a little differently.

  • Prepare your holiday calendar now

Nail down those promotions and offers and make sure your teams are prepared for them. At the end of the day, you want all of your channels in sync and you want to create a positive shopping experience for your customers.

  • Determine the appropriate frequency

Look at your frequency from last holiday season and years past. Identify what worked best and use that information to determine your timing. If you still are not sure, then test it!

  • Be prepared for mobile users

Mobile users are increasing by the minute, so this season make sure you are ready for those sales from smartphones and tablets. Take a look at your emails. Make sure you have bigger call to actions and a quick navigation bar that is easy to access on mobile.

  • Build segments based on your purchase data

This is a great place to start. Look at your customers’ purchase behavior over the course of the year and separate out your one-time buyers from your multi-buyers. Determine your plan for sending to the different segments based on how responsive or active they are.

  • Double-check your forms

Before the craziness begins, you want to test all of your opt-in forms and preference centers to ensure they are all working properly.

  • Have a backup plan

The holidays are busy for everyone. Be prepared for a mistake or for an email not to perform to the level you were hoping. Have an email template ready to send on the fly that is branded so that all you have to do is change out the copy and maybe a few images or links.

I hope you found these tips helpful and I would love to hear how you prepare for holiday season!

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