Siacoin (SC) and Ethereum (ETH): Sporting a Green Look

The crypto markets are sporting a green look this Thursday morning, all with the exception of Bitcoin (BTC). Coins currently in the green zone include Siacoin (SC) and Ethereum (ETH).

It’s interesting that the market deleted the gains Bitcoin (BTC) recorded yesterday, but that’s not what we’re going to focus on today. In this article, we’re going to focus on Siacoin (SC) and Ethereum (ETH).

Siacoin (SC)

This is a coin making some major waves on the crypto markets today. Siacoin (SC) is currently selling for $0.025421, which puts the coin up 29.79% in the past twenty-four hours. Siacoin (SC) has a current market capitalization of $865.31 million.

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In the Siacoin (SC) universe, Upbit recently added an SC-KRW trading pair, and their Siacoin wallet is now available for use online. Keep in mind this is an announcement directed at Korean traders. Meanwhile, the Siafunds Tokenized Securities Offering ended on Saturday. The platform managed to sell 231 Siafunds, valued at $7,500 each, ultimately raising roughly $1.5 billion. All of the money raised will go towards fueling Sia development.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is currently selling for $633.11, which puts the coin up 2.21% in the past twenty-four hours. Ethereum (ETH) only moved past the $500 price mark on April 13, so it’s nice to see the price move higher, rather than fall back down after hitting $500.

Source: CoinMarketCap

The latest news in the Ethereum world are reports circulating around that Parity Technologies refuses to split the Ethereum chain over an argument involving more than $320M worth of ETH, all of which has been frozen for months. Why? Reportedly because of a glitch in a multi-signature wallet smart contract library.

Further, earlier this morning, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin tweeted that he is boycotting CoinDesk’s Consensus 2018 Conference this year. Why? Buterin believes CoinDesk is “recklessly complicit in enabling giveaway scams.” He added that he encourages others to boycott this year’s consensus as well. While some replied back to Buterin saying that this is an “absolutely ridiculous claim,” others agreed with the Ethereum co-founder.

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Source: Siacoin (SC) and Ethereum (ETH): Sporting a Green Look

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