Police Captures a Gang That Stole $1.9m in Dubai Bitcoin Scam

Dubai Bitcoin Robbery: Thanks to Artificial Intelligence Technologies and smart patrolling, Dubai police have been able to capture ten members of a gang who robbed more than $1.9 million through a fake over-the-counter purchase offer.

The victims were two brothers seeking to swap their FIAT money into crypto, through a multi-million dollar purchase of Bitcoins with cash. The amount was over 7 million Dirham, which is just over 1.9 million dollars.

According to official information, one of the members of the gang contacted the brothers to tell them about their interest in selling them the amount they were asking for, however, in order to carry out the robbery, there was a much more meticulous plan hatched.

Before any physical contact with the brothers, the gang leader had had conversations with a commercial shop owner in Al Muraqabbat who posted an advertisement for the sale of his shop. The criminal told him that he was interested in purchasing his local shop and his license, but he wanted to see the condition of the property first.

This deception allowed the criminal to get the owner of the facility to give him the keys so that he could visit the place after 8:00 p.m. when they were not operational.

Once everything was ready, the team contacted the brothers, arranging a meeting with them at the commercial offices to make a seemingly comfortable and discreet sale. When the brothers arrived, they were met with six members of the group – with the others waiting outside. When they arrived carrying the money, the brothers were subdued by weapons.

According to specialized media, Lt Col Al Joker said:

“They assaulted the two brothers and threatened them before [they] tied their hands and locked them inside the office and escape with the money,”

However, Major General Abdullah Khalifa Al Merri, Commander-In-Chief of Dubai Police, says that after the crime was reported, it took the police around 2 days to solve despite the thieves leaving no considerable clues behind.

To solve the case, Major General Khalil Ebrahim Al Mansouri, who is the Assistant Commander-in-Chief for Criminal Investigation Affairs, commented that law enforcement agencies innovated in the techniques used: “for analyzing the investigation data (we) made use of smart programs and Artificial Intelligence technology to track the criminals.”

A few hours later they had found the whereabouts of the gang members, quickly dismantling their lair without any regrettable consequences.

The money was returned to the brothers. The criminals were transferred to the public prosecutions office, and the policemen participating in the case were congratulated for their hard work by the Major General.

The use of tools such as artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies sets Dubai as an international reference to be followed in the goal of consolidating smart cities. It is not only in regards to security that technology has made outstanding contributions; the city is currently initiating legal efforts to register passports, vehicles, and land using the blockchain.

Featured Image: arabianbusiness.com

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Source: Police Captures a Gang That Stole $1.9m in Dubai Bitcoin Scam

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