Green Earth Tokens: Save the Rainforest with Crypto

Innovative crypto coins are doing things to impact the earth. Green Earth Tokens help you save the rainforest through crypto and blockchain. How? By taking rainforest land ownership out of the hands of corporations that knock the trees down and placing the power back into the hands of the people.

Green Earth, an Avalon Life Product, wants to incentivize activism by rewarding people for participating in the blockchain revolution that is buying up the remaining rainforests. After purchasing rainforest land, Green Earth can resell the rights to every m² of land to responsible citizens looking to protect nature. The land is offered through Green Earth Tokens, or, the G.E.T. token.

This process is to help ensure that the rainforest remains the rainforest – with the help of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

What will Green Earth Tokens Do For the Rainforest?

The Green Earth project is looking to stop human-caused deforestation of rainforests. Any time someone purchases rainforest land from Green Earth, Green Earth can then acquire more rainforest to continue on the project.

The more land that is under Green Earth, and therefore you, the more land that can be protected.

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What will Green Earth Tokens Do For You?

Participating in rainforest protection through Green Earth is easy and you’ll begin to receive reward points right away.

Green Earth will sell CO² certificates on the land it buys. When you then repurchase that land, Green Earth is able to pass on 6% annual reward points to you as the G.E.T. token holder. The rewards start from your first month of ownership and are paid out at a fixed rate thanks to smart contracts.

Owning a Green Earth Token means you legally own a part of the rainforest and can make a global impact. You can do so for as little as $20 USD – this will get you 10m² of rainforest land. Owning land means that the value remains stable no matter what happens to the economy – meaning Green Earth Tokens keep their value too.

You can also liquidate your land shares at any time via the Green Earth Exchange.

How Does Blockchain Fit into Green Earth Tokens?

Green Earth Tokens, like any cryptocurrency, are powered by the blockchain. The process of using a G.E.T. token for rainforest land is transparent and automatic. You can track and trace your G.E.T. from anywhere, any time, via the Green Earth Token public ledger.

Blockchain technology allows G.E.T. tokens and your land ownership to remain anonymous and transparent and keeps your personal data private.

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Does Green Earth Sound Right for You?

Are you ready to G.E.T. some Green Earth Tokens and help save the rainforest?

Green Earth is the main sponsor of the Real Betis Spanish 1st division soccer team. Here are some fans saying thank you.

The Real Betis Spanish 1st division soccer team

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