gold price drop – gold coin and bar out of stock

As yesterday and today ( 4-12-2013 ) gold price drop to low 1477$ per ounce. We got a lot customer that come ask to buy gold coin and gold bar.  As now we are out of stock of our gold coin and bar. There is no time show that when we will be able to restock those due to high demand and a lot private holding of gold.

However we have other customer that invest in silver as well as platinum. Holding to physical gold , silver and platinum coin or bar make our customer feel more secure than just holding to a piece of information about their gold , silver or platinum bar in stock market or broker.

If you are looking to invest into precious metal as part of your saving you can consider refine products that 99.95% pure if you do not need those label and serial number from big company.

Also i just want to warn you about buy gold coin, gold bar from online store or retail store make sure they are well know company as many fake or something other heavy metal inside.

As gold price drop this fast and go up fast as well it can be risky to invest in this area, however i still consider the safest way as well. Other option you can consider is certified loose diamonds.

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