Basic knowledge to identify valuable metal

Identify valuable metal can be simple as 1 2 3 but will need a lot practice to spot it right on, but never 100% sure unless do detail testing.

This information that I wrote about this blog is not intent for expert or advance technique to identify valuable metal , this just basic fast idea to find the potential valuable metal such as gold , silver and platinum. They may or may not as what the marking say so future and detail testing will need. Some of information you may already know.

Here are some basic testing to identify valuable metal:

  • Let start by take out anything that attracted to magnetic. Most precious metal will not attract to magnetic , however I find some silver jewelry piece that made from China have low attraction to magnetic.
    • This simple just get strong magnetic run a crosses all your jewelry piece and pick out what attach to it. If it is low attraction check marking.
  • Look at marking to short out gold , silver or platinum
    • Silver normal mark as : 925 , Sterling and Sterling Silver. However there are some silver flatware that mark 425, 525, 625,825 they simply mean there some silver in them future testing will need.
    • Gold normal mark as : 10k, 14k, 18k or 417, 585 , 750
    • Platinum will have marking start with PT-Number , example PT-850 or PT-900

As for gold and platinum real deal is really heavy than normal you can tell by just touch them consider same size they heavier than other metal. Those are just basic testing by look at feel detail testing such as acid test, gravity test will need and done at our store when you bring them in.

Identify valuable metal can come in long way you never know what you found in street or in old jewelry box that found left over years from your family. This can turn into some CASH you may need !!!

Other hand you can bring everything to us ( Diamonds Jewelry ) We will do the testing and give you price and buy from you on spot if you decide you want to sales them.

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